graham lawrence - 2010-07-04

This is my first use of cdrdao, and I'm completely confused by the result.  cdrdao says write is good, but  nothing else can see it.
On xp + sp3 with test.toc containing
DATAFILE "LynyrdSkynyrd-SweetHomeAlabama.mp3"
DATAFILE "KingsCollegeChoir-JohnRotter-RequiemEternum.mp3"
I did
F:\Program Files\Cdrdao>cdrdao simulate -device D:1,0,0 test.toc
which led to
ERROR: Cannot open SCSI device 'D:1,0,0': Open by 'devname' not supported on this OS
ERROR: Please use option '-device bus,id,lun', e.g. -device 0,6,0 or -device ATA:0,0,0
ERROR: Cannot setup device D:1,0,0.
I then did
F:\Program Files\Cdrdao>cdrdao simulate -device SPTI:1,0,0 test.toc
which led to
ERROR: Unable to determine drive letter for device SPTI:1,0,0! No OS level locking.
but then followed
Starting write simulation at speed 8…
Pausing 10 seconds - hit CTRL-C to abort.
Process can be aborted with QUIT signal (usually CTRL-\).
Writing track 01 (mode MODE1/MODE1 )…
Writing track 02 (mode MODE1/MODE1 )…
Wrote 19 of 19 MB (Buffers 100%  99%).
Wrote 8815 blocks. Buffer fill min 90%/max 100%.
Flushing cache…
Simulation finished successfully.
which led me to believe all was well, so I did
F:\Program Files\Cdrdao>cdrdao write -device SPTI:1,0,0 test.toc
which led as above to
Writing finished successfully.
but the CD-R is still blank according to Explorer and my mp3 player, so instead I tried
F:\Program Files\Cdrdao>cdrdao write -device ASPI:1,0,0 test.toc
which produced
Disk seems to be written - hit return to reload disk.
so I put in a fresh disk, and it proceeded as before to
Writing finished successfully.
But again everything but cdrdao says the disk is blank.
What am I missing?