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CD-text - which encoding to use

  • klappnase

    klappnase - 2006-03-30

    Hi all,

    I have written a little app that uses cdrdao for CD-burning
    and now plan to add basic CD-text editing capabilities (Performer / Title).
    I am stuck here on the question how to encode the toc file in case the Cd-text data contain non-ascii characters.
    I could not find any useful information on the web, so I try and ask here.
    Somewhere I saw a post that said not to use utf-8,  but latin-1 , but how to add non latin-1 characters then,
    on the other hand I tried gcdmaster and on my box it seems like it uses utf-8.
    Another thing I cannot seem to figure out is the use of the language map.
    Does it contain information on how to display CD-text information on hardware players or what else is the reason to define multiple languages?

    Any hints or pointers to external resources are much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance


    • Anonymous - 2006-06-10

      When I made japanese CD-TEXT, item value (string) wrote binary form. i.e. not "..." but { ... ,0 } .
      Last '0' was important.

      Item value of japanese CD-TEXT read by "cdrdao read-cd ..." stored the form "...", it contain octal form \XXX (X: 0, 1, 2, ... 7).

    • Anonymous - 2006-06-10

      P.S. character encode of japanese CD-TEXT is japanese shift-jis (MS Kanji).


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