Hi everybody.
First sorry for my english: i can make a lot of mistake.
It'not clear to me if it's possible to add cd-text information taken from cddb to a cd when doing a on-the-fly copy.
Better, i suppose i could get a copy on my hd of all the wav tracks, get the toc file from orginal cd with read-toc, add the cd-text info from cddb woith the --with-cddb option then master a cd with the new toc-file, but i can't understand if i can do all the work in a single pass. I noticed that there is the --with-cddb option also in copy command, but it seems it doesn't work: i have a car cd reader that support cd-text and it doesn't react to the cds  done in that kind.
I'm at work now so i cannot report log of cdrdao, but if it's needed to better understand the problem i can post it from home.