Blank command needs a fast setting

  • Douglas Bollinger

    First off, I would like to say a big "thank you" to the people who make cdrdao possible.  My cdburner is in my headless Linux box so cdrdao is vital software to me.

    A few days ago I hit the anonymous CVS and pulled a fresh copy of cdrdao, 1.1.5-pre2, to try and get away from a occasional lock-up/out of my burner.  I'm not sure if that's fixed or not (fingers crossed), but I noticed the new CDRW blank function and thought I would give it a try.

    It's common for me to test with CDRW's because my regular CD player can play them.  Using the program cdrecord with the "blank=fast" setting is how I usually reset CDRW's.  When I tried cdrdao's blank function, I thought at first that my burner had locked-up because it was taking so long.  After a few tries at the unlock command, it occurred to me that the burner might actually just be blanking the CDRW the long way and, sure enough, after awhile it stopped with no problems.

    The "blank=fast" function of cdrecord has served me well in the past and I think it would be a great feature for cdrdao.  Just out of curiosity, is there any reason for long blank function?  I've alway used the fast blank and never had a problem.

    • Andreas Mueller

      Andreas Mueller - 2001-03-11

      The 1.1.5-pre2 snapshot should already have the
      '--blank-mode minimal' option which just blanks
      the lead-in, lead-out and 1st track's pre-gap.

      However, if I try to use it with my recorders it
      is possible to write the minimally blanked CD-RW
      but the tracks are mostly hard to read. Maybe just
      a problem of my recorders, though.


    • Douglas Bollinger

      Wow, the feature already exists before I request it!  Now that's what I call service. :)  Using the extensive (and cool) -h "help" feature gave me the info I needed to know about the blank settings.

      The quick blank works great with my setup.  Your problems are probably one of those burner/media deals.  My burner is a IDE Yamaha 4416.

      More good news:  I banged on cdrdao 1.1.5-pre2 pretty hard last weekend, using the "copy" function for almost 12 hrs straight.  The weird ocassional burner lockups I experienced with earlier versions of cdrdao did not surface.  This CVS version is working very well for me.


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