schilly lib (Libscg) updated?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2004-06-03

    Just a note from a long time user of both
    cdrtools & cdrdao. I am not a programmer but
    I have noted that the schilly lib ( Libscg ) has had
    some significant changes very recently - especially
    for Win32 users. Numerous files have a date
    of May 20th or later.

    If you are using the shilly lib that was part of
    cdrtools 2.01a25 you may have people complaining
    about bugs.

    The author has been experimenting since January
    2004 with a number of things including the Windoze scsi interfaces SPTI & ASPI. But also some things in
    Linux too - like kernel 2.6 & USB issues.

    I belive as of cdrtools-2.01a30 (the latest
    release - May 24th) he has worked out most of
    these bugs.

    Unfortunately I can not get the config
    "--with-scglib-inc=/path to cdrtools/libschily" &
    "--with-scglib-lib=path to cdrtools/lib"
    options to work for me in either win/cygwin
    or Linux so I had to update the schilly lib
    included with cdrdao by hand.

    Luckily not many files have changed so it only
    took a few minutes. There are a couple of new
    files as well so the "Target" file must be
    replaced with the new one.

    You may want to update the schily lib
    included with cdrdao in the sourceforge
    project download page. I do not use CVS.
    The tarbells are my only source for both
    my Linux & Windows/cygwin distribs.


    Bill Mudd

    • Denis Leroy

      Denis Leroy - 2004-06-03


      Thanks for the heads up. I'm about to do a release candidate of 1.1.9 and i'll make sure i upgrade to a30 before doing the release.


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-06-04


      The author just today - 6/2/2004 released
      cdrtools-2.01a31. I saw no changes from
      a30 that would effect cdrdao but you can
      never tell.

      Thanks for including an update to schily lib in
      the new release of cdrdao.


      • Denis Leroy

        Denis Leroy - 2004-06-04

        Yup. I just checked in a new scsilib.tar.gz based on 2.01a31.


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