betelguese - 2003-09-30

I recently bought a Pioneer DVR-106D DVD burner. It can also burn CD-R's and CD-RW's. I tried using cdrdao 1.1.7 to burn a demo vcd from When doing a simulation run I kept getting an error 'drive does not accept any cue sheet variant'.
I googled for that message and found suggestions about editing the cue file and removing certain text in it, but that didn't help.
Even when I tried to use a toc file I had the same trouble.
Today I found a firmware update on the 'net and upgraded the firmware to the latest version, which is 1.07.
After that I have not got the same error message and cdrdao works fine.
BTW, I used and am still using the 'generic mmc' driver for this drive.
Perhaps this information will help somebody else with the same hardware.