CRC errors

  • Wim Speekenbrink

    At the end of reading a CD I get these messages:
    Found 319 Q sub-channels with CRC errors.
    Found CD-TEXT data.
    WARNING: Cannot determine language mapping from CD-TEXT data.
    WARNING: Using default mapping.

    This is a brand new CD and it is certainly not scratched, so I don't understand how there can be CRC errors. With another perfectly good CD I get 144 Q sub-channels with CRC errors.

    And the disc doesn't contain CD-Text, so why does it report these things about CD-Text?

    Could somebody please explain? Thanks.

    OS: Windows 2000 Pro
    CD-ROM: Philips 40x PCA403CD
    Cdrdao: 1.1.5


    • Andreas Mueller

      Andreas Mueller - 2001-04-30

      The CRC errors come from the sub-channels and
      are not related to the audio data. Up to several
      hundred CRC errors per track a normal.

      The CRC error count is just an indicator for
      the CD pressing quality and/or the reading
      capabilities of the CD-ROM drive.



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