cdrdao 1.1.8: libscg is not build?

  • Werner

    Werner - 2004-02-22


    I have problems to compile cdrdao, it can't build libscg. I don't understand why, because libscsi is included with cdrdao, but i only have the librscg.

    Anyone with the same problem?

    • Denis Leroy

      Denis Leroy - 2004-02-24

      Can you post some more details ? What error messages are you seeing ?

      Note that you don't have to use the libscg and libschily libraries that are packaged with cdrdao. For example, if you have the 'cdrecord-devel' package, you can compile against those instead by doing

      configure --with-scglib-inc=/usr/include/schily --with-scglib-lib=/usr/lib


      • Werner

        Werner - 2004-02-25

        I didn't had the cdrecord libraries and includes on my Slackware system. I follow your suggestion and build cdrecord self and it works now!


        • Denis Leroy

          Denis Leroy - 2004-02-25

          You should still be able to compile with the scsilib that's provided with cdrdao's tarball, and I'd like to know why that's not working. When running configure, at the end does it say  'Building scsilib : yes' ? If you just run 'make' in the scsilib subdirectory, does it compile correctly ?



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