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Does CDRDAO support multiple IDE controllers

  • Mark H. Zellers

    Mark H. Zellers - 2003-01-11

    I recently added a new 160GB disk to my Windows 98SE system, which required me to add a PCI EIDE controller (in addition to the controllre on the motherboard).  So I have a DVDRom and a CDRW on the secondary controller on the motherboard, and two EIDE hard drives on the primary of the PCI controller.

    When I try to run CDRDAO scanbus, it looks to me like it is not finding my CDRW.

    Is this supposed to work or is this an unsupported configuration?


    Mark Z.

    • Mark H. Zellers

      Mark H. Zellers - 2003-01-12

      After a bit of noodling about with various versions of the ASPI drivers, I was able to get it to work (although I get errors when restarting my system about pieces that are missing and would I like to reinstall them from the Windows CD.

      Mark Z.


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