Concatenate *.bin and *.cue to single file?

  • Forrest Aldrich

    Forrest Aldrich - 2003-05-01

    I have a movie that is in 4 parts, which includes a *.bin
    and corresponding *.cue file. They're fine, and I can
    burn them to CD-R, though they only play on Windows
    Media Player.

    What I want to to is concatenate them together, to
    make a full movie, then burn that to DVD.

    Is it possible to get part of this done (the concatenation)
    with CDRDAO?


    • Tim Nordell

      Tim Nordell - 2003-05-02

      Well.. what you'd have to do is extract the mpeg's somehow(there is some program... vcdimager? can't remember)  and then you'd have to use some program to merge the mpegs into one file... then you'd have to use a dvd creating program to put the mpegs onto a dvd..

      tho, I don't know the names of these programs, those are the steps you'd have to take.  CDRDao is for burning.. namely CD's, not DVD's.


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