Dan Dogg - 2001-10-17

I am wondering if there is, or might be considered, a method of verifying the written disk after burn. I, and I believe others, are finding when writing a bin/cue of an svcd file, that the later parts (approx 40-60 min section of an 80 minute disk seems to be very sensitive to corruption.

Since viewing the completed svcd set is not always practical at the time of burn I was hoping that the author/authors might consider some resonably quick, down and dirty method of reading the burn for interuptions. It is so very frustrating to view a video and have it "jamb up". Normally the original mpg or bin/cue set is long gone by that time as keeping up to 2.4 gigs of HD space occupied is not always practical.

If this is not feasable, a suggestion of a cli (windows) utility that might be incorporated into the cdrdao batchfile that could do this would be most appreciated. I think all most folk would need is a "quick scan" for an interuption rather than a full blown bit verification. I hope this makes sense to the reader.

As this is my first post here, I hope I have not offended, transgressed, or otherwise show my ass with this request. Thanks for this great piece of work. It is truley appreciated by the vcd/svcd community.