Mac OS X Support?

  • Aaron Davies

    Aaron Davies - 2003-02-06

    Does cdrdao work on Mac OS X? I'm running 10.2.3 (Jaguar).

    • Jamie van Dyke

      Jamie van Dyke - 2003-11-26

      Just thought I'd let you know, that I've just tried this on a Powerbook 12", with dvd/cdr drive running panther, and it worked just fine.


    • Anonymous - 2008-03-10

      This has been tested to work with OS X 10.5.2 running on Intel hardware:

      1. Open the file dao/ and replace "#ifndef linux" with "#ifdef linux".  Write and close.
      2. Copy the file scsilib/RULES/power-macintosh-darwin-cc.rul to scsilib/RULES/i386-darwin-cc.rul

      Developers, please patch your code to work with OS X!


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