Adaptec CIF format support?

Dan Hollis
  • Dan Hollis

    Dan Hollis - 2000-11-15

    cue/bin is very nice, but any plans to support the
    Adaptec CIF format? It's output from Nero on Windoze
    for SuperVCD mastering, but the CD-RW is connected to
    Linux so I need to be able to burn CIF format from Linux.

    • Andreas Mueller

      Andreas Mueller - 2000-11-15

      Do you have documentation about the CIF format? Is it a big
      binary container?

      If it does not contain some features that cannot be handled
      by cdrdao, it should be no problem to support it.

      • Dan Hollis

        Dan Hollis - 2000-11-15

        I don't know if there is any documentation about the
        format. It's a big binary container - mastered CD images
        are contained within a single large .CIF file.

        It's output from many programs - Adaptec CD Creator,
        Enreach I-Author, Ahead's Nero, probably others.

        The software vcdgear ( supports
        converting cif to several formats. It's primarily a
        windoze program but they also have Linux binaries (alas,
        closed source...)

        Perhaps they would be willing to hand over the info
        they have on parsing CIF format.


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