another track modes

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2001-03-07

    will cdrdao support another track modes
    (ex. MODE1/2368)? i think there are drive compatibility problems on another modes, and almost can be done in current four modes.
    but I also think it's possible to add.

    how do you think about? i just would like to know your intent. if not support, cdrdao is still good for me.

    BTW, who created "MODE1/2368", it is ddump:

    • Andreas Mueller

      Andreas Mueller - 2001-03-11

      Can you describe the meaning of the MODE1/2368
      data format. It does not make any sense for me
      right now. I checked the discdump page but didn't
      get any clue from there.

      I'm planning to introduce CD+G support for the
      1.1.6 release of cdrdao. I get more and more
      requests for it. During this work it will be easy
      to support more formats regarding the sub-channel


      • Anonymous

        Anonymous - 2001-03-12

        >Can you describe the meaning of the MODE1/2368

        no,I can't. and you are right. i found there is not 2368 byte in mode1. so maybe the cue-sheet is wrong. i'm sorry and forget please.

        • Dan Hollis

          Dan Hollis - 2001-03-12

          2368 bytes is audio plus P and Q subcodes. It's for "audio rip with perfect track marking".

          • Anonymous

            Anonymous - 2001-03-13

            but that isn't *MODE1*

            • Dan Hollis

              Dan Hollis - 2001-03-14

              I can only guess the software indicated mode1 by mistake instead of cdda. It's the only situation where 2368 bytes makes any sense.


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