• Anonymous - 2001-03-15

    Maybe we have to inform win32 version users the following, in README.Win32 or something:
    If you will use "cdrdao.exe" in dos prompt under win9x, (or restart in MS-DOS mode also), you have to check off "Auto Insert Notification" of the CD-R drive properity. When you do "cdrdao.exe read-xx" with "Auto Insert Notification" properity, your PC will hang. (write is O.K.)

    This is famouse problem and there may be prescription of sourcecord ( because DDump ver1.7 or eariler has same problem, but ver1.8 or later doesn't have ) ,but i don't know it right know.

    • Andreas Mueller

      Andreas Mueller - 2001-03-25

      Thanks for the hint. I've added a README.Win32
      to CVS. It will be available with the next release.

      I think there must be a way to suspend the
      "Auto Insert Notification" by an application but
      I'm not an Windows expert.



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