#3 Cdrdao writing at 8x speed sometimes fails


I have Yamaha 8424 SCSI writer. When I use the cdrecord I can successfully write CD's at 8x speed,
but when I use the cdrdao the writing sometimes (actually quite often) fails. I think it fails if
I do something (esp. browsing the Web using Mozilla) during the recording process.
It seems to me as the cdrecord more agressively locks the resources (esp. memory/cpu) so
other applications couldn't steal it during the writing process. But it may be something different,
I don't know. When I use 4x speed to record CD's the failure never happens.


  • Tomas Mraz

    Tomas Mraz - 2000-11-15

    I'm writing this follow up to receive e-mails about this bug.

  • Andreas Mueller

    Andreas Mueller - 2000-11-22
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  • Andreas Mueller

    Andreas Mueller - 2000-11-22

    Do you run cdrdao with root permissions? If not it
    cannot lock the memory and cannot setup the real time

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I run it from normal account but it is setuid root.
    Just the same as the cdrecord.

  • Laurent Martelli

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    I also have a Yamaha 8424 SCSI writer, and I've just wasted
    2 CDs at 8x speed. It may be a coincidence, but there may be
    something with this writer/driver. 4x speed seems to work
    much better.

    cdrdao is setuid and reports "using POSIX realtime

  • Andreas Mueller

    Andreas Mueller - 2001-04-16

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    Sorry for the delay.

    This behavior is very strange. There's nothing special
    about writing at 4x or 8x speed converning the mastering
    software. Usually the problems come from the system.
    Do you have the disconnect/reconnect feature enabled for
    the SCSI bus? Are you trying to make an on-the-fly copy?

    I think we have to find out more about your system to tell
    what's really going wrong.

  • Tomas Mraz

    Tomas Mraz - 2001-04-17

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    Where can I enable the disconnect/reconnect feature? In the
    kernel compilation? I have AIC-7xxx scsi controller. I have
    used various kernels
    beginning with 2.2.16 now 2.4.2 and it still sometimes
    fails. The cdrdao isn't run in the on-the-fly mode. I'm
    copying the image from the harddisc.
    It seems to me that it failed during normal usage of the
    computer during the burning. Maybe raising a nice priority
    would helped... I have
    Celeron 566 machine so it should be sufficient for the
    burning process and some ordinary work as browsing internet
    during the burning process.

  • Tomas Mraz

    Tomas Mraz - 2001-10-16

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    It no more fails when I've upgraded to version 1.1.5 of Cdrdao.
    So I'm happy but I have other problems (I'll report it as a
    new bug.)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I've been having this same problem for years with nearly every piece of
    commercial software and latest builds of cdrdao! It must be the drive.
    Nothing but trouble burning at 8x with the Yamaha 8424 SCSI writer.


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