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Small note to non-Win2k developers:
hen Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 encounters a bad pointer
dereference (the kind that would cause sig11 under UNIX),
it displays a very technical error message refering to the error
as a (memory) "access violation". Many end users get confused
and report such errors as "security violations". So this bug
is probably just a pointer handling error in cdrdao or one
of the system libraries.

Also note, that at least some versions of the cdrecord libschily
scsi library is known to experience this error when trying to use
the Adaptec ASPI interface. ASPI is a roxio product once
used as the cross-vendor API for SCSI drivers under DOS, OS/2,
Netware servers and others. But under NT/2000/XP/2003 it is
just an emulation layer running on top of the official ioctl based
interface which is part of the kernel on these systems.

Thus this may be a libschily porting issue, and might not be
a cdrdao issue.

Friendly, jbj@image.dk