#114 ASUS CRW-5224A Rev. 1.46 (generic-mmc): no cue sheet


The fairly new ASUS CRW-5224A (Rev 1.46),SCSI CD-R/RW
burner (52x,24x) is unable to write multi-session CDs.
Reading of any session works (both with generic-mmc,
generic-mmc-raw), Writing the first session (with
-multi, only supported by generic-mmc) also works, but
writing another session invariable yields:
ERROR: Drive does not accept any cue sheet variant -
please report.

I'm using cdrdao version 1.1.7. This has been tested
* the second session read via cdrdao from the same
drive (both with --read-raw and without)
* the second session read via cdrdao from another drive
(both with --read-raw and without)
* an iso9660 image create from the mounted source CD
(2nd session) via mkisofs -J -R -C `cdrdao msinfo ..`
In each case, using -multi (=holding the second session
also open) and not has yielded the same results. Also,
using the generic-mmc-raw driver to write the second
session failed predictably at the very beginning of
writing, yielding a closed CD. Interestingly, simulate
writing was also able to prematurely close a CD this

I suppose this means multi-sessions are not supported
for the ASUS CRW-5224A? Does it make sense to get the
CVS cdrdao release? I suppose fine-tuning the cue sheet
variants should do it... if anyone can point me into
the general direction, that would be fine.
Dr. Alexander K. Seewald (alex@seewald.at)


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