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Read Me

CDK Maven POM Builder

This package constructs a set of Maven projects for the modules of a CDK build.
The main class is  This should be run with two
arguments - the CDK build version and the path to the CDK directory. The version
argument specifies the value of the <version>...</version> tags in Maven POM,
and has no other effect.

Before running, ensure that doclet has been run on the CDK build:
cdk-1.2.x> ant runDoclet

And ensure that the dependencies.txt file (found int the same directory as this
README) contains entries for each jar CDK depends on.  These entries map CDK jar
dependencies to Maven artifacts.

To run using maven:
mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="\"1.2.x-SNAPSHOT\" ../cdk-1.2.x"

java -cp <path to compiled classes> 1.2.x-SNAPSHOT ../cdk-1.2.x
(This must be run from the directory containing dependencies.txt)

POMBuilder will create a subdirectory 'maven' in the CDK directory, and
construct a POM for each CDK module (eg: cdkdir/maven/standard/pom.xml), along
with a parent POM (cdkdir/maven/pom.xml) allowing all modules to be built together.

The POMs point directly to the CDK source tree, so all usual maven goals can
be executed; compile, package, install, deploy etc...

Note: test modules are currently ignored