Svn Log

Commit Date  
[r15467] by shk3

changed email settings

2010-03-05 10:18:59 Tree
[r15410] by shk3

added slogan to image gnerator

2010-02-17 17:54:13 Tree
[r15409] by shk3

added links to display source code

2010-02-16 17:32:31 Tree
[r15379] by shk3

the gibbs predictor now works

2010-02-09 15:18:12 Tree
[r15359] by shk3

image rendering works

2010-01-29 16:35:21 Tree
[r15354] by shk3

solves problem with user login

2010-01-28 12:18:51 Tree
[r15353] by shk3

fixed problems, changed links

2010-01-28 11:55:53 Tree
[r15292] by shk3

the pdf output works

2010-01-12 12:29:49 Tree
[r15281] by shk3

the pdf conversion runs, but misses structures in pdf

2010-01-07 16:37:29 Tree
[r15270] by shk3

new profiles, read from database

2010-01-06 16:15:29 Tree
[r15269] by shk3

profiles are now in db

2010-01-06 14:00:32 Tree
[r15261] by shk3

the jetspeed database is now in mysql as well

2010-01-04 18:14:35 Tree
[r15258] by shk3

proper size of image

2010-01-04 13:37:23 Tree
[r15211] by shk3

updated the applet

2009-12-18 12:21:06 Tree
[r15207] by shk3

cdkweb now runs with current cdk

2009-12-17 18:02:55 Tree
[r10367] by egonw

Moved into new hierarchy

2008-03-15 11:00:00 Tree
[r10362] by egonw

More infrastructure

2008-03-15 10:54:51 Tree

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