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File Date Author Commit
 cdk 2010-02-19 shk3 [r15413] Development has moved to the detgen project
 cdk-clapps 2008-10-19 egonw [r12731] Fixed compile errors; source against CDK 1.2.x
 cdk-doc 2008-12-17 egonw [r13645] Moved guide related build tools to cdk-doc project
 cdk-fingerprint-paper 2011-05-03 jonalv [r15600] .gititgnore file for git-svn users
 cdk-libio 2008-03-15 egonw [r10371] Moved into new hierarchy
 cdk-logo 2009-09-22 egonw [r14858] Added icon for SourceForge project page
 cdk-plugins 2008-03-15 egonw [r10369] Moved into new hierarchy
 cdk-policy 2008-07-03 egonw [r11492] Added info on where data files should be placed...
 cdk-pom 2009-08-25 sea36 [r14762] Set source plugin version
 cdk-qa 2008-12-04 jonalv [r13464] Added fingerprinter benchmark code
 cdk-rfc 2009-03-10 egonw [r14407] Typo (see bug #2596042)
 cdk-taverna 2009-11-08 egonw [r15058] Attempt to get CDK-Taverna working for Taverna ...
 cdk-taverna-2-paper 2011-05-22 egonw [r15609] Ignore autogenerated files
 cdk-taverna-paper 2010-03-11 egonw [r15481] Applied Achim's fixes
 cdk-web 2010-03-05 shk3 [r15467] changed email settings
 cdk-xws 2009-05-03 egonw [r14579] Only one CML schema string instance
 detgen 2010-04-21 shk3 [r15526] generation can be cancelled
 jchempaint 2010-11-08 mark_rynbeek [r15584] Minor fix in orientation, plus fix on shrinking...
 paper-jchempaint 2008-10-21 egonw [r12750] Added some very tiny bits of initial content...
 vecmath 2008-03-15 egonw [r10366] Moved into new hierarchy