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Svn Log

Commit Date  
[r15466] by shk3

Corrected some errors in translations

2010-03-03 09:59:05 Tree
[r15465] by egonw

Hidden images as required upon submit

2010-03-03 09:38:21 Tree
[r15464] by egonw

Bold header, just like in Table 1

2010-03-03 09:26:59 Tree
[r15463] by egonw

Figure 8 is now cited in the text

2010-03-03 09:23:00 Tree
[r15462] by egonw

Misplaced image when putting it back in the paper, which is now fixed

2010-03-03 09:17:06 Tree
[r15461] by egonw

All images are now 'angle=0' to check if all images are now properly rotated, as requested

2010-03-03 09:15:35 Tree
[r15460] by egonw

Readded image that was fine and was lost in the process of checking the images :(

2010-03-03 09:12:44 Tree
[r15459] by egonw

Copied revision 15317 as branch

2010-03-03 08:59:01 Tree
[r15458] by egonw

Moved legend from image to Figure caption

2010-03-03 08:38:26 Tree
[r15457] by egonw

Image was fine

2010-03-03 08:27:28 Tree
[r15456] by egonw

Image was fine

2010-03-03 08:24:35 Tree
[r15455] by egonw

Image was fine

2010-03-03 08:11:30 Tree
[r15454] by egonw

Moved additional details from image (part of title + legend) to the Figure caption. Removed title and legend from image and cropped

2010-03-03 07:31:05 Tree
[r15453] by egonw

This image was fine

2010-03-03 07:13:04 Tree
[r15452] by egonw

Cropped image

2010-03-03 07:11:14 Tree
[r15451] by egonw

Removed title in image and cropped image

2010-03-03 07:00:16 Tree
[r15450] by egonw

Worked on images:

* cropped Fig 1,2
* rotated Fig 3

2010-03-03 06:40:29 Tree
[r15449] by egonw

Going to work on the images:

* move aside the images folder, to only have the final, submittable version in pics/

2010-03-03 05:49:23 Tree
[r15448] by egonw

Fixed the bibtex source (issue->number) to fix the citation of ref 17

2010-03-03 05:41:01 Tree
[r15447] by egonw

Moved Table 1 to the end of the paper. Updated the caption of Table 2 to
give a full sentence, and this Table is now also actually references in
the text.

2010-03-03 05:35:17 Tree
[r15446] by egonw

Affiliations now in required minimal format: Dept, Inst, City, Country

2010-03-03 05:20:26 Tree
[r15445] by egonw

Removed images from paper

2010-03-03 05:12:53 Tree
[r15444] by shk3

updated cdk to cdk with proper patches

2010-03-02 15:31:41 Tree
[r15443] by shk3

C4O1H4 now works

2010-02-26 15:58:33 Tree
[r15442] by shk3

This should give a much better memory usage, c10h16 no longer produces out of memory error

2010-02-26 14:05:14 Tree
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