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[r14579] by egonw

Only one CML schema string instance

2009-05-03 05:03:13 Tree
[r14578] by goglepox

Changed from int[] to Integer[] array for hydrogencount in undo

This enables it to store the null vales and avoids NPEs

2009-04-30 09:25:39 Tree
[r14577] by shk3

added comments

2009-04-29 11:22:16 Tree
[r14576] by gilleain

- Refactoring of the JChemPaint class to allow for two readFrom...() methods.
- Workaround for running and testing in eclipse.

2009-04-28 14:37:31 Tree
[r14575] by gilleain

Errant debugging line removed.

2009-04-28 12:13:49 Tree
[r14574] by egonw

Marked functions as ASYNC

2009-04-27 13:55:58 Tree
[r14573] by egonw

Removed jar form SVN

2009-04-27 13:55:27 Tree
[r14572] by egonw

Upgraded to CDK 1.2.1

2009-04-27 13:55:11 Tree
[r14571] by shk3

added all external jars (inchi still has library problems)

2009-04-27 10:28:43 Tree
[r14570] by egonw

Reset bond props

2009-04-25 18:03:55 Tree
[r14569] by egonw

Take into hydrogens too

2009-04-25 18:03:04 Tree
[r14568] by egonw

Set atom type name, so that the hydrogen adder actually knows which atom type it is

2009-04-25 18:02:25 Tree
[r14567] by egonw

Added two more functions: SMILES2CML and AddExplicitHydrogens

2009-04-25 06:23:38 Tree
[r14566] by egonw

Added method to generate 2D coordinates

2009-04-25 06:23:01 Tree
[r14565] by shk3

isotope numbers can now also be set via atom dialog

2009-04-24 09:19:37 Tree
[r14564] by shk3

more i18n

2009-04-24 09:05:35 Tree
[r14563] by gilleain

Use the new setup method instead of just setting the scale.

2009-04-23 17:20:53 Tree
[r14562] by gilleain

Access modifier missing on member that is clearly private.

2009-04-23 17:04:40 Tree
[r14561] by gilleain

- Added setup(<chemObject>, screen) methods to set the initial transform for molecules.
- Added the missing calculateBounds(ChemModel) method.
- Removed an unused method.
- Fixed bug #2771009 (NPE on zap).

2009-04-23 16:59:15 Tree
[r14560] by gilleain

Container.setVisible(true) instead of the deprecated show() method.

2009-04-23 16:42:52 Tree
[r14559] by shk3

open in applet now works

2009-04-20 12:31:53 Tree
[r14558] by shk3

working on file opening in applet (still buggy)

2009-04-20 09:32:25 Tree
[r14557] by shk3

working on file opening in applet (still buggy)

2009-04-20 09:31:55 Tree
[r14556] by goglepox

Adds the first bond to a single atom at an angle

2009-04-20 08:57:42 Tree
[r14555] by shk3

See bug #2771009

2009-04-17 16:36:43 Tree
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