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[r13464] by jonalv

Added fingerprinter benchmark code

2008-12-04 12:47:06 Tree
[r13463] by shk3


2008-12-04 12:21:58 Tree
[r13462] by gilleain

Uses the margin from RendererModel.

2008-12-04 12:00:21 Tree
[r13461] by shk3

most of the applet parameters are handled properly

2008-12-04 11:54:51 Tree
[r13460] by gilleain

Missing cdk.module statement.

2008-12-04 11:14:33 Tree
[r13459] by jonalv

Initial import of a little java plugin project for measuring time of fingerprinter

2008-12-04 10:40:01 Tree
[r13458] by jonalv

Initial import.

2008-12-04 10:38:46 Tree
[r13457] by jonalv

[jonalv-fingerprint-branch] applied the patch

2008-12-04 10:02:02 Tree
[r13456] by jonalv

Created branch for fingerprint optimization code testing

2008-12-04 09:35:18 Tree
[r13455] by goglepox

Changed from Renderer2DModel to RendererModel

2008-12-04 07:35:37 Tree
[r13454] by goglepox

Generator for drawing external selected part.

The factors 1.3 and 10 are not tested and might be horibly wrong

2008-12-04 07:35:15 Tree
[r13453] by goglepox

added @cdk.module control

2008-12-04 07:34:53 Tree
[r13452] by gilleain

Fix to generating the selection feedback.

2008-12-03 20:18:28 Tree
[r13451] by gilleain

Was not adding a bond to an empty canvas (another minor corner case...)

2008-12-03 19:54:56 Tree
[r13450] by gilleain

Can now remove bonds as well as atoms.

2008-12-03 19:41:05 Tree
[r13449] by gilleain

- Changed default initial bond length to 1.4 (could be added (back) to RenderModel).
- Fixed selection generator bug.

2008-12-03 19:28:37 Tree
[r13448] by gilleain

- Made an interface for selections (ISelection).
- Changed Renderer2DModel to RendererModel (!!).
- Created a LogicalSelection class.

2008-12-03 19:15:38 Tree
[r13447] by gilleain

Adding single atoms to the blank canvas wasn't working properly (only a corner case! :)

2008-12-03 17:24:08 Tree
[r13446] by egonw

Made getChemMOdel() symmetric

2008-12-03 16:51:24 Tree
[r13445] by egonw

Added experimental concept of phantoms, for temporary atoms and bonds which might be drawn

2008-12-03 16:37:03 Tree
[r13444] by egonw

Added missing removeBond(IBond)

2008-12-03 16:25:49 Tree
[r13443] by shk3

copy/paste works

2008-12-03 16:24:16 Tree
[r13442] by shk3

copy/paste works

2008-12-03 16:17:31 Tree
[r13441] by shk3

the viewer applet now has showscrollbars parameter

2008-12-03 14:41:24 Tree
[r13440] by goglepox

Module for drawing bonds when draging
also adds atoms when not near any other.
This leavs behind some uncoccected bonds!!

2008-12-03 14:13:28 Tree
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