#4 Update Copyright statements in headers


Add @author tags to all classes that don't have this
yet, and unify the syntax of the author names (or sf
account, or name, or name+email etc).


  • Nathanaël Mazuir

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    Just some questions I'm asking myself...

    Q: Who's name should appear in the Javadoc coments ?
    Is it the name of the original author, or the name of each
    person that was involved in the class' developpement ?

    Q: Where should @author tags should be found ? Only in the
    class JavaDoc comments or in all possible places (i.e. in
    method, field or constructor JavaDoc comments) ?

    I suppose that the class maintainer's name may appear in the
    JavaDoc comment in the first place (if there are more than
    one author) and with an e mail link to provide easy feedback
    information. I'm thinking about something like this:

    @author User Name

    Of course, this special author name should only appear once
    per class.

  • Egon Willighagen

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    Additionally, the copyright notices should state the
    original author, instead of "The CDK project". @author
    should be given for everyone who considerable contributed
    to the code.


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