#537 output IO options in the JavaDoc

cdk-1.4.x (181)


  • John May

    John May - 2012-08-31

    Looks good, definitely beneficial for the documentation. Am very busy this weekend but will try and get some patches checked out on Sunday Evening/Monday.

  • Egon Willighagen


  • John May

    John May - 2012-09-03

    Okay patch looks good, I had to fiddle with javadoc.xml to get it to work on OS X but that's a separate bug.

    There's a few minor things which I noticed.
    - The table is missing the closing tag for ''.
    - PDBWriter has null IO Options which cause an exception. I think this is fixed by my IO options patch (master) but could be useful for the taglet should report those which are null.
    - The iterating IChemObjectIO's are missing the default constructor as they required an IChemObjectBuilder. This means their IO Options are not output: IteratingMDLReader, IteratingPCCompoundASNReader, IteratingPCCompoundXMLReader, IteratingPCSubstancesXMLReader and IteratingSMILESReader. I'm not really sure if there is a way to fix this if it's not possible to give default constructors that would work. Possible a private default constructor that we can then change in the taglet...

    I made a few additions which fix the above and add some logging (https://github.com/johnmay/cdk/commit/125d80010199116a68280f56def53766c0017056)
    - Added logging statements for null settings/no default constructors
    - Separated the determination of the class name to a method
    - Separated the processing of the IOSetting to a method
    - Added default value as an extra column in the output
    - Added table headers for the output
    - Added closing
    - Replaced "/" with "File.Separator"
    - StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer
    - Made toString(Tag[]) return empty string
    - Added @override/@inheritDoc (not really need)


  • Egon Willighagen

    Oh, wow... well done! I reviewed your improvements, and they look excellent. I applied things to cdk-1.4.x.


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