On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 4:05 PM, Rajarshi Guha <rguha@indiana.edu> wrote:
Hi, I noticed that in commit 12362 a new jumbo version was added that
seems to be a temporary fix (based on the file naming).

Yea it's a temporal fix for something that sould get added to jumbo.
Is the commiter keeping track of this and will remove the original

Didn't I remove the original file? I thought I did...
Why wasn't the jar file to be fixed replace by the new file? Or
is the fix to the jar file not sufficiently general?
Two reasons: 1. I did not want this to become a permanent solution since the fix should really be in the jumbo repo. 2. I was not sure about the version number of the jumbo. The jar file generated by maven had a strange version number...

If the latter maybe it should be kept in a personal copy of 1.2.x,
rather than being in the main repo?

My concern is that the changes to 1.2.x will be merged into trunk and
such a temporary fix might be missed during the merge

Yup I did the commit after getting confirmation from Egon and I hope he will make the more permanent switch or make sure it get's done. 

// Jonathan