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Hi Egon,

We do not deliberately make things difficult for people to start
with... we just do not have the resources to explain things in enough
detail, and to maintain all the info that we output and occasionally
gets outdated...

I can see two factors playing a role here:

1) you want to keep the whole history of the project as it is, including unused/old branches and repositories

2) nobody has the time/resources to update developer documentation and provide tutorials for newcomers to the project

Neither of these would be a problem by itself, but IMHO it is the combination of these two factors that creates the general confusion.

Since the second point cannot be easily changed, have you considered whether keeping the complete history is really beneficial?

If CDK was my project, I would prefer to dump all the unused code/documents/data into a ZIP file somewhere in the website, and keep only cutting edge development in the source code repository. That way it would not be necessary to write documentation about how things are organized, because every newcomer willing to contribute a small patch could easily orient himself. 

Perhaps it might be interesting to hear what other CDK developers think about this..?

Only the cutting edge is not quite good idea for a project with ~15 y history and a library... there are plenty of software around the world, which use older versions directly or as dependencies.   Plenty of publications citing "we are using version XXX" , which might be 5 or more years old.

From personal experience : the first release of Toxtree [1] using CDK as a dependency is from 2005. The 2009 Toxtree 1.60 , using a pre-release (< 1.0) CDK version from 2008 is still actively used and cited worldwide, regardless that there are new versions from the all the subsequent years, with newer CDK dependencies, and despite strong encouragements to upgrade.  Definitely not everybody want to be on the bleeding edge, and usually for a reason.

I agree things could have been cleaned and documented and better.

[1] http://toxtree.sourceforge.net/ 
[2] http://toxtree.sourceforge.net/download.html#Toxtree-v1.60

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