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To motivate the use of FSM, please see

It is not so easy to find fine OSS Java FSM frameworks, examples are

1. Apache Commons SCXML
This uses a W3C XML language to define the FSM. There is a visual
editor that creates this language at

2. Unimod
This has all in one package, even an Eclipse plug-in. Does not work in
eclipse-3.7. However, it's still interesting, even without plugin.

3. Umple
It uses its own description language and has an eclipse plugin.

I have also put a question on stackoverflow,
We'll see what this gets.

The goal is to use the FSM to provide all GUI related event-driven
app logic in JCP. This would be equivalent with a client-server
separation of JCP-CDK, as far as I understand. It would also make
clear what belongs to JCP (its app logic) and what not (the services
it uses). This would be a long-term project and affect the Controller
classes in JCP, but also in CDK. It would be a part of the Renderer/
Controller fork cleanup work.

Any further ideas?

Very good plan to use FSM.  Not only because UniMod originated from the the university I had graduated some (many) years ago and automata were major part of the curriculum :)  Great to see JCP moving in this direction.

I would vote for Apache Commons SCXML though. 

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