On 22 May 2012 10:52, Tomas Pluskal <pluskal@oist.jp> wrote:
> They are listed in cdk-* etc. artifacts.    We are not using cdk-pure (imho it defeats the purpose of maven dependencies to use the entire blob at once) , so it gets less attention :)
> You could help here, if you wish.

Thanks, I will take a look at it.

In the meantime, is there any way how to add all cdk modules including their dependencies to my maven project?


(but it doesn't have the transitive dependencies defined, sorry - this should be corrected)
I was hoping that adding


to my pom.xml would download all the jar files of all CDK modules, but it did not happen.

Do I need to list the individual modules one by one?

That's what we do, and you probably don't need all the modules. You could start adding  cdk-core, cdk-smiles, etc. , they all have their dependencies defined. Your IDE / compiler will for sure say which modules /classes are missing.   Nexus has classname search, so it is possible to figure out which module is missing, without even looking up the source.


For example if you are not using RDF serialisation, it doesn't make sense to add  cdk-iordf ;  if not generating 3D structures, it's not necessary to add cdk-builder3d, etc.  Besides, some of the modules are actually different implementations of the same interfaces (e.g. cdk-data & cdk-silent & cdk-nonotify) and one normally needs only one of each.

I should probably be explaining all this at some online resource, and I will, but no earlier than the end of this week.

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