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Thanks Nina!

I noticed that some parts of CDK have dependencies (e.g. jgrapht, jama, log4j, xerces etc.), but these are currently not listed in the pom.xml of cdk-pure.
Have you thought about that?

They are listed in cdk-* etc. artifacts.    We are not using cdk-pure (imho it defeats the purpose of maven dependencies to use the entire blob at once) , so it gets less attention :)

You could help here, if you wish.  The CDK has own mechanism of defining dependencies in *.cdkdepends files and *.libdepends. The maven poms I am using had been created manually some time ago from *.cdkdepends files and *.libdepends. The real solution would be to have a script (shell, ant, doesn't matter) to read  *.cdkdepends files and *.libdepends  and update the pom.xml files. I think there was a parallel effort from somebody else on the list , but these had not been synced. 


On May 22, 2012, at 3:45 PM, Nina Jeliazkova wrote:

You should be able to use http://ambit.uni-plovdiv.bg:8083/nexus/content/repositories/thirdparty only for both CDK and JChempaint now.


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