On 29 September 2012 12:56, Angel Herráez <angel.herraez@uah.es> wrote:
>                   H3C---CH3
> Now you drag the bond (only) away, what do you expect happens?
> Ethane moves in full


> the bond moves and stays without atoms,

This makes no sense to me. What is a bond without atoms?

Exactly.  Thus another option - do nothing .

> or the bond disappears, leaving two methanes?

If I want to separate the two atoms (methanes here), I would try to delete the
bond, not move it.

So I vote for option #1. Moving the bond should, if anything, move the atoms
attached to it.

In case of a fused rings structure this might lead to movement of the entire molecule.

What happens to other atoms attached to those (i.e. in molecules larger than
ethane)? They should stay I think, though then you have some very long

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