On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 7:32 AM, Mark Rijnbeek <markr@ebi.ac.uk> wrote:

I am trying to make this patch work with JCP. Indeed (point 3) things
need to be refactored. But the JCP code also uses the factory class (now
package level so not visible) to configure an element using method
public PeriodicTableElement configure(PeriodicTableElement element)

How would this have to be done now? PeriodicTable has a private
ElementPTFactory but does not expose its methods. So external classes
can never get to ElementPTFactory.

Correct - the only external class is PeriodicTable. As such, there is no public PeriodicTableElement either. I'm not familiar with the JCP code, but why does JCP use PeriodicTableElement? Can the JCP version of this class populate the fields by calls to PeriodicTable? Does it need PeriodictableElement at all?
Rajarshi Guha
NIH Chemical Genomics Center