On 4/9/07, sushil ronghe <ronghester@gmail.com> wrote:
actually  i will have to  understand the smartquarytool properly.

It should be pretty easy. Basically as long as you follow the usage shown in the Javadocs, you will not need to delve into the SMARTSQueryTool class (unless you need to add more pre-processing code). Thats why I noted that it should not impact the parser code itself.

So, by using the query tool class, when the isomorphism tester is called, the target molecule will have aromaticity detected, rings percieved and the appropriate data (ring membership, ring size) attached to the atom objects of the target molecule.

but sir how should i download it from source forge.

If you're not working with the current SVN already, you should check it out from sf.net by following instructions at http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=20024

Rajarshi Guha