It might be something we need to configure but the new SF trackers are very painful. If possible
could someone else have a play and see if they have similar issues and post anymore they find:

The good:
- You can format posts/comments with code and links - Yay!
- Patch numbers are simpler (e.g. per project) and RESTfull (or so it looks)
The bad:
- Patch numbers are simpler thus I believe all @cdk.bug tags are broken..
- Patch updates aren't forward to cdk-devel anymore (maybe config)
- Viewing the patches by label/category sorts by ascending date (i.e. first page is patches from 2006)
- Can not edit the info the tracker once submitted (maybe config)
- Default option is 'accepted' instead of Needs Review and cannot be changed (see. above)
- Can't upload more then one files… this was painful
- Can't specify the version any more (e.g. master/1.4)
- Minor thing but some of CSS is screwed in Chrome so some buttons overlap text


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