Hi All,

Hope every ones well. I was chatting someone the other day and they suggested an entire reformat (i.e. tidy) of the CDK code base. To my understanding the reason this would be bad would be it complicates git-blame however there would be great benefits. The two main benefits would be it looks better thus is easier to understand but it also decreases code ownership decreases. As every programmer has their own style it's possible to be possessive over code written and tell who wrote what (ignoring the copyright header). Although there would still be a style after formatting it would be greatly decreased and would install a sense of a collective code base. The formatting would of course be agreed on collectively.
- git-blame has a -w flag which allows you ignore white space changes - most formatting can simply be ignored. 
- If the reformatting was done in one go when you hit a line that change it will always be the same commit id for git blame.
- once the reformatting is done, add a formatter to the build so all future code is formatted before patch. There are plugins for ant and maven which would take an eclipse config file so the style could also be installed in the IDE.

There is some real mess in there :/.