I think we should decide on a single place - personally I would vote for sf tracker with a link to the pull request. I agree with the concept of reviewing the patches but sometimes it seems like there is a lot of "boxes to tick" to actually get something done. It reminds a bit of tales you hear of programming at large corporations (i.e. Microsoft/Oracle) where if you want to get a bug fixed you need to get up and down the bureaucratic chain to get approval from x,y and z and fill out forms a, b and c - in the end the simple bug either never gets fixed or takes so long to fix that no one uses that feature any more.

I don't really have the solution but I it might be nice to discuss in the up coming meeting how the patch/bug/feature process can be streamlined?


Begin forwarded message:

From a recent patch:

pull requests are fine. We need to consolidate in a single place where we
let each other know what there is to pull in, though.... I now seem to have
at least four places where patches can occur... that is too much, but if
you link a pull request from here, that is perfect... I like this tracker
to be the consolidated tracker for seeing what is there to
review/update/apply... then it does not matter where the patches physically
are, as long as they are linked from here.