Hi all,

Hi all,

Today I received an update from SourceForge announcing that subversion support
has gone public. Since I like subversion a lot more than CVS (e.g. you can
move files!), I would like to propose to move to SVN as soon as possible.

There a lot of open things, like how we should port our CVS tree to SVN. If
everyone is OK with this, let's try to make this move somewere in march.

I had a look at possible plug-ins for Eclpse which provides the functionality to interact with a Subversion server.
There is already one called Subclispe:  http://subclipse.tigris.org
(Subclipse is licensed under the terms CPL).

Here is a link to configure or install from Eclipse itself the Subclipse plug-in : http://open.ncsu.edu/se/tutorials/subclipse/


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