Trim Start and End of CDG files

  • Siegfried

    Siegfried - 2012-03-17

    Many CDG files come with about 10 seconds silence at the beginning at the song.
    There are many tools to trim the Start and End of a mp3 file (mp3Trim).
    So it would also make sense to be able to cut parts of the CDG file.
    For now, CDG Editor only allows to remove blocks without changing the time of the blocks after,
    and insert Time Gaps (in seconds or chunks).
    Couldn't it be possible to use negative values in the Time Gaps window, so as to trim the CDG file?

  • Darryl Baker

    Darryl Baker - 2014-03-29

    I am sorry I missed your comment - I certainly can add the functionality to trim the graphics data from the start if you still want it.


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