#22 uninstall rule in your Makefiles.


Well due to the problem I have here: https://sourceforge.net/p/cdemu/support-requests/17/

I wanted to uninstall everything I compiled and installed, but you don't have a uninstall rule in the make files of your programs like libmirage...

└─$→ sudo make uninstall
[sudo] password for joseluis64:
make: *** No hay ninguna regla para construir el objetivo «uninstall». Alto.

What can I do to clean my system from all that I installed?


  • Henrik Stokseth

    Henrik Stokseth - 2013-08-14

    Affirmative. The CMake FAQ has this to say about the issue: http://www.cmake.org/Wiki/CMake_FAQ#Can_I_do_.22make_uninstall.22_with_CMake.3F

    Which makes sense to me. Like CMake, I feel it should be up to the package manager to handle (un)installations. This because 1) this is why package managers exist in the first place, 2) it does a better job at it and 3) it doesn't contribute to more clutter in the makefiles.

    If you lost the manifest file it can be obtained by installing the software once more. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Jose Luis Triana

    Thank you, that sucks... but your argument convinced me... so CMake sucks.

    But at least I can add by myselft the uninstall rule and remove all that faulty crap, but I don't swallow that the package manager will uninstall the software I built directly from source, I think that's just stupid, but is OK that you decide not to include the uninstall rule.



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