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version 0.3.0

This version adds an interrupt button.

An interrupt button is shown next to the program that is running.
If it is pressed then the program has 3 seconds to respond, and save the recording.
If it does not respond in time, for example when it is asleep, it is killed and the recording is not saved.
That way indefinite loops can be broken and a recording saved.

Posted by Martien Friedeman 2007-05-21

Version 0.1.2

This version addresses a few areas:

Firefox interaction.

The user does not need to quit CodeInvestigator anymore for the server to stop. Closing down Firefox will achieve the same. CodeInvestigator now requires that Firefox is not running when it starts up. When CodeInvestigator starts up it starts its server and Firefox. When Firefox terminates, the server terminates as well.


Bugs were fixed relating to 'import' and 'try/except' statements. ... read more

Posted by Martien Friedeman 2007-04-27