Commit Date  
[r658] by u15119

- typo on assiging cdrom path on unix fixed

2014-01-25 13:10:16 Tree
[r657] by u15119

- csv import using pattern added (feature request #31)

2013-10-26 15:07:33 Tree
[r656] by u15119


2013-10-26 15:02:54 Tree
[r655] by u15119

- version increased to 2.3.1

2013-09-29 08:48:34 Tree
[r654] by u15119

- russian translation generation fixed

2013-09-29 08:44:34 Tree
[r653] by u15119


2013-09-22 19:35:04 Tree
[r652] by u15119

- catalog encryption rules for win32 added

2013-09-22 13:33:21 Tree
[r651] by u15119

version increased to 2.3

2013-09-22 12:54:02 Tree
[r650] by u15119

obsolete code removed

2013-09-15 12:01:06 Tree
[r649] by u15119

- osx compile fix

2013-09-15 11:53:58 Tree
[r648] by u15119

- more keyboard shortcuts added
- keyboard shortcut dialog added (help menu)

2013-08-30 07:56:50 Tree
[r647] by u15119

- click on result entry does not select corresponding entry tree fixed

2013-08-30 07:31:42 Tree
[r646] by u15119

- display full path instead node name on size dialog

2013-08-29 07:10:41 Tree
[r645] by u15119

- display full path instead node name on delete confirmation dialog
- make delete confirmation question better

2013-08-29 07:09:07 Tree
[r644] by u15119

- delete keyboard shortcut added (del key) (feature #29)

2013-08-29 06:52:42 Tree
[r643] by u15119

- update current node if no element (..) in content listview is selected fixed

2013-08-29 06:49:35 Tree
[r642] by u15119

- make read blocksize configurable by define

2013-08-29 06:08:32 Tree
[r641] by u15119
2013-08-29 06:06:18 Tree
[r640] by u15119

- use qstring instead char * for what and err string at getStr2, getDouble2

2013-08-26 07:37:10 Tree
[r639] by u15119

- reading old catalog without sortedBy attribute fails fixed

2013-08-26 06:18:38 Tree
[r638] by u15119

- missing initalization of vars (bTAGreaded, bTAGexist, tnumber) at ReadMp3Tag class on constructor added

2013-08-26 06:15:48 Tree
[r637] by u15119

- compare on TestInStream constructor fixed

2013-08-26 06:14:16 Tree
[r636] by u15119

- icons for encryption related buttons added

2013-08-26 06:11:09 Tree
[r635] by u15119

- missing initalization of vars (founded, pww, error, errptr, dirname, filename, comment, find_category, tartist, ttitle, talbum, tcomment, content, allmedia,
allowner, dateStartChecked, dateEndChecked, sizeMinChecked, sizeMaxChecked, findInArchivesChecked, size_min, size_max) at seekEngine class on constructor added
- typo at seeke on finddialog class fixed

2013-08-25 15:17:49 Tree
[r634] by u15119

- missing initalization of vars (usefileinfo, useExternalContentViewer, storeExifData, commentDockPos_x, commentDockPos_y, commentWindowPos_x, commentWindowPos_y, commentDockSize_width, commentDockSize_height, contentWindowPos_x, contentWindowPos_y, contentWindowSize_width, contentWindowSize_height commentWindowSize_width, commentWindowSize_height) at CdcatConfig class on constructor added

2013-08-25 15:06:23 Tree
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