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#58 Large .hcf files and hangs

Petar Benke

Well, my .hcf file grown up to 800MB and cdcat can't open it anymore, it just hangs. I don't know is it bug or not :-)


  • Ch. Thielecke

    Ch. Thielecke - 2013-08-08
    • status: open --> pending
  • Ch. Thielecke

    Ch. Thielecke - 2013-08-08

    Cdcat reads the file size, calculate the lines, parse it and then display tree. Could you provide it for testing here? If possible, pack with 7zip and highest compression mode.

  • Petar Benke

    Petar Benke - 2013-08-08

    First of all, thanks for quick response.

    Uploading file of 800MB over ADSL would be very painful. Last night I manually gunzipped .hcf file and as result I got 1.5GB XML file. Then I removed last four nodes (media tags) from that file - that was last 4 DVDs I added to catalog yesterday, and saved file. Then, using gzip, shrinked file to ~20MB, changed extension to .hcf and cdcat started without problems.

    While I was palying with 1.5GB XML file, I saw lot of thumb<![CDATA[ tags. Then I decided to disable option Read thumbnails in cdcat, rescaned same 4 DVDs from yesterday and catalog growth for less than 1MB. Those DVDs have lot of photos BTW :-)

    It's okay for me not to have thumbnails in catalog. As I see in media/nodes I added before, they don't have thumbnails anyway. I don't remember is it new feature, did I checked this option accidentally at some time, or it came enabled by default during last update/instalation by me but it is now disabled in my confugiration.

    Few words about my system: Arch Linux, kernel 3.10.5, Core i3 CPU 3.1GHz, 8GB of RAM and, which may be important, I don't have swap partition/file.

    Last edit: Petar Benke 2013-08-08
  • Ch. Thielecke

    Ch. Thielecke - 2013-09-22
    • status: pending --> closed-wont-fix
  • Ch. Thielecke

    Ch. Thielecke - 2013-09-22

    I think this not a big issue because cdcat save method originally was not designed to have a lot of external data inside (e.g. pictures). So for now I'll close it. Later it could be helpful to have an option to override read options for each media.


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