It seems this would make a *GREAT* post for my Open Source XML Weekly Roundup (see: for an example) on, dedicating the majority of the post to getting to know ccHost 4.0 from the inside out.

I've created a notes page @ < Please feel free to contribute links to press, tutorials, or content that any of you feel would be of interest to the readers of 

Okay, so obviously ccHost isn't, technically speaking, an Open Source *XML* project, but it serves up open source, freely shareable, freely extensible content via XML data feeds, which is close enough, and in fact, is probably a better representation of what Open Source XML *truly* means give the fact that XML is an extensible markup language for representing data.  As such, it seems like an appropriate focus for the weekly column. :)  I'll pull together as much as I can independently, but any contributions to the above wiki page will most definitely be appreciated!

On 2/27/07, Jon Phillips <> wrote:
Ok, I submitted the pr/ann. all around...VS, whenever you want to post
to the cc blog...then we can digg, and all promote across our
blogs...big release!


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