note: this is in reference to the bz2 file. Not sure about the others...

On 2/27/07, M. David Peterson < > wrote:
Hi Jon,

This is *VERY* cool!  I did notice, however, that there seems to be missing the INSTALL.txt file (which is pointed to in the README)


On 2/27/07, Jon Phillips <> wrote:
heya all, I updated cchost to 4.1SVN now and am sending out all the
press/announcements about the release...

So, that is good for us since we will have more eyes on our app. And,
for our developers, it means now is a good time to check-in more
aggressive code so we can stabilize it before our next planned release
4.1. We'll see if 4.1 turns into 4.5 or 5.0 :)



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