Congratulations to everyone on the release of ccHost 4.0. New features (playlist, player integration and others) are definitely going to enhance the user experience.

I have been testing RC build on my home computer and it seemed to work well (I didn't do a whole lot of testing though). I went ahead and did a fresh install on my hosted site, nirjhari.net and the installation itself seemed to go well.

Now when I try to upload files I get intermittent upload error:
"/home/nirjhari/public_html/cclib/cc-uploadapi.php"(751): move_uploaded_file(/tmp/phpke4c21) [ function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory [2007-02-28 04:55 am][][/media/submit/fullmix]

I tried (the cure all!...) ?update=1
Updates already installed: v_3_1a, v_4_uphide, v_3_1b, v_3_1d, v_3_1e, v_2_1a, v_3_2f_vs3, v_3_2b, v_3_2c, v_3_2d, v_3_2e, v_4_cartsex, v_3_2g_ti18n, v_4_lics3, v_4_instdone, v_4_cnttabs, v_3_0c, v_4_poolauto, v_3_0f, v_3_0g, v_1_2h, v_1_2k, v_4_carts, v_3_2h_cntst
Menu/URL cache has been cleared
Template cache has been cleared.

Possibly because the cache was cleared, I could upload a couple or more files, but the upload error persists.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,