Thanks Jon and Victor for your replies.
Sorry for the ambiguity in the question.
You are right , I want to add my own customized attributes, like just for example, I want to add the location from where this file has been uploaded.
or something like that. 
May be I need to change the mysql db tables ?
Can I do it through the source of cchost, I am quite new to sql and php programing.
Do I also need to modify the forms for the user to enter the attributes?

Kindly guide me.
On 6/21/07, Jon Phillips <> wrote:
On Wed, 2007-06-20 at 10:39 +0900, skocharl wrote:
> Hello ,
> I have installed cchost in my place and it is running well.
> But I would like to make some changes in the source for my
> customization of the server.
> Currently in cchost for each media file, the following meta data/
> attributes like  date, tags and license are shown.
> I want to create my own attributes and add them to each media file.
> Can anyone please suggest me some methods about how to do this.
> please excuse me if this is a very basic question.

Do you mean, how to add other types of metadata to a media file and/or
data to the mysql db tables?

> Currently I am using cchost3.1 which is quite stable. I am not sure
> whether I should upgrade to cchost 4.0.1.

Yes, please! It is quite stable. Plus, if you find bugs, it will help us
to kill them.


> regards
> SK
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