If there is a consistant signature (first few bytes of every file) you
can at least do a check for that with the new code I checked in a few
days ago.

Come again?  For what its worth, I did try and install the newest getID3, and it wouldnt recognize mp4 encoded files when id3 verification was checked.

> Unfortunately, this means I've left myself open security wise - this
> seems to be an issue with GetID3, however.

Please explain how you see this...I think I know what you mean...

he means he has to shut getID3 off completely to get it to work which
means there is zero verification of *any* file being uploaded, which
is true until you do what I suggest above.


> 2 big requests
> -uploading of media via http URL, to include the youtube kids

Yes, this is very important...having a link to media that is not on the
server. This works behind the scenes I believe (Victor?), so hopefully
its not hard to make external paths easy to use.

It works for *streaming* -- that is, we redirect M3U files to point
somewhere else and it is easy to do this for video streaming files as
well (I forget the file extension of the M3U-like equivalent for

Well, for my purposes, it would just be an area where users could paste in an embed code.  I suppose it would be up to the user to figure out how to download it.  In other words, I just need to have basically a blog entry considered an asset.

There is some code tucked away in several places that assume the
physical file is living on the server. The biggest problem is that you
would have absolutely no control over the physical file, so active
actions like replacing, renaming, tag stamping (of the ID3 variety)
including licensing and passive ones like gathering information about
the files size, bitrate properties, etc. would all have to be disabled
in the user interface. One of the many consequences of not having this
information is that users can't search on any file format infomation.

what about the internal tags of the site?  ie if a user tags something as "interview", it would still show up in interview, would it not?

Stuff like "composer, album, genre" etc might not be as much of a drag in media besides music.

If it messed with licensing, well that could be more of an issue.

Overall the huge issue is sync'ing -- someone deletes, moves or
renames the physical file but ccHost doesn't know about it or

Well, thats a lazyweb problem, isn't it?  From my perspective, its a moderation issue.  Let users flag it if it doesnt work.

> -Uploading of a batch of clips at the same time

Hmmm...I haven't tried to do this actually, but looks like there is a
support for an archive.

Brett deals with videos we really he's taking about importing a bunch
of stuff. I think this is the same thing you asked about the other


> -Thumbnails!

I'm working on this in the form of a new file browser btw...so we can
have something akin to a file manager like nautilus, the mac finder or
windows (icon view, thumbnail view, list view, etc)

He's talking about extracting thumbnails from videos here, not shrinking images.

Yes, although I realize that grabbing an image from server side is probably not priority.  What if we could manually choose a thumbnail?  If there is an open source solution out there, great.

Thanks guys


Brett Gaylor