On 4/26/06, Zero Mass <zeromassmedia@gmail.com> wrote:
Is it possible to restrict registered users to a specific email domain? (like .edu?)

I have found that many teachers either don't use a school email address or their addresses (like mine!) don't have the appropriate .edu suffix.  Can you think of another way to verify that users are teachers? 

The secondary questions concerns the definition of a teacher.  Should homeschool parents have access? Private tutors?

These issues are coming up with school systems in regards to who can access the site...
(students being able to download homework with answer keys, etc)

A social solution might be the best here.  Rather than posting a single geometry worksheet, imagine having a repository of geometry practice problems.  This places several barriers in front of potential cheaters:
1) students need to find the site,
2) students need to find the particularly subject-topic repository,
3) students need to find the 10 homework problems out of dozens (hundreds?) posted.

Of course, this presumes that there are problems in the repository!

Another semi-related issue is that some school districts I have emailed are actually claiming to hold an All Rights Reserved copyright over the educational materials that their teachers create, prohibiting them from sharing on a site.

Wow - like a software engineer?  Are these public schools in the US?  Are they unionized? Is it in their contracts? 

Has ccMixter tackled this question in terms of musicians who may be under contract to a record label?