Removing the riff part didn't help. Uploading new .wav audiofiles they are still not working.
Be it into old file entries, or completely new ones.

The new zip files still work. So a solution is deleting wave files and zipping them ... also saving a bit of bandwidth.

2007/11/30, Victor Stone <>:
On Nov 29, 2007 6:48 PM, Peter Jones <> wrote:
> We deleted the corrupt zip files ... made completely new entries, and have
> been crossing our fingers in hope that this was a one time incident.
> Sadly, every single .wav file uploaded (16bit 44kHz) is now malfunctioning.
> Won't open in the typical range of audio editors, won't play in Winamp or
> the works. There aren't problems with zipped files nor m3u and mp3. But
> every single .wav file.

yes, I think this may be a problem in the latest getID3s, written up here: